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Beginner Tutorials for setting up the Raspberry Pi


NodeJS + MongoDB Web Server Raspberry Pi Tutorial

How to Install a NodeJS Web Server using Mongo DB on your Raspberry Pi 1. Install NVM (Node Version Manager)

2. Update Bash Profile This will give you the ability to install NodeJS...


Install Python 3 on a Raspberry Pi

This tutorial will show you how to install Python 3 on a Raspberry Pi

Get Python 3 package, configure, make, and install.

Create a virtualenv and download the right libs I’m pretty...


Raspberry Pi Weather Dashboard

Tutorial Credit Reddit: /u/MildAndFire Twitter user: @EliteSirus Sources: Github Source Code: Imgur Gallery (hardware): Reddit: Step 1: Software Installation Items needed Raspberry Pi Monitor Adapter to hook said Raspberry Pi to said monitor Internet...


Simple Raspberry Pi LCD Setup

Connecting an LCD to your Raspberry Pi will spice up almost any project, but what if your pins are tied up with connections to other modules? No problem, just connect your LCD with I2C,...


Raspberry Pi Camera Module Quick Setup

This tutorial will cover the Raspberry Pi Camera Module Quick Setup with step by step instructions. The first thing you should do is follow the Raspberry Pi PiCamera hardware installation found here. Basically just make...