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Install Python 3 on a Raspberry Pi

This tutorial will show you how to install Python 3 on a Raspberry Pi

Get Python 3 package, configure, make, and install.

Create a virtualenv and download the right libs I’m pretty...


Raspberry Pi Weather Dashboard

Tutorial Credit Reddit: /u/MildAndFire Twitter user: @EliteSirus Sources: Github Source Code: https://github.com/userexec/Pi-Kitchen-Dashboard Imgur Gallery (hardware): http://imgur.com/a/3Kopj Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/raspberry_pi/comments/4k41w3/raspberry_pi_weather_dashboard_tutorial_credit/ Step 1: Software Installation Items needed Raspberry Pi Monitor Adapter to hook said Raspberry Pi to said monitor Internet...


Raspberry Pi Zero WiFi Connection Display

The Raspberry Pi Zero form factor, makes it perfect for use in smaller project. Combined with internet connectivity, a display and some kind of input, it could be used to visualise virtually anything. Using...

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Create a WordPress Site on Raspberry Pi

This tutorial is using the Raspian Wheezy OS, Jesse has a similar installation but will not be the exact same.  This is an easy tutorial on how to create a WordPress Site on Raspberry Pi. Comments?...